This blog is written for my own indulgence. While AMB-Côte d’Azur shares with you my love of this region, AMB-Riviera Gardens shares my love of plants with you.

I have always loved plants; I think it’s something I caught from my mother who certainly had a green thumb for indoor plants.

Many of the plants I now have happily growing outdoors on my patio in Magagnosc, were plants I could only grow indoors in Brussels or Norwich. And not all of those survived the blast of winter central heating.

Many of the plants I see growing here are cousins of those I found during my stay in South Africa. Many others have come from South America, Australia and Asia, finding the French Riviera’s incredibly climate very much to their liking.

Plants that only flowered once in the UK burst into a second, sometimes third, flowering extravaganza. Come winter there is colour everywhere and with the addition of wonderful rays of warm sunshine little wonder this region was (and continues to be) a magnetic for winter visitors.

I continue to discover some wonderful plants – and places – and hope you enjoy browsing both websites and discover for your self many of the delights of this amazing region.


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